November 29, 2009

Young Old, Lunar Cycle No. 14

The product of our twinkling eyes at fourteen months:
Hanging out with his GrandPops at the best bagelry West of NYC, Kettlemen Bagels.

November 25, 2009

Young Old, Lunar Cycle No. 13

Our little Gerber Gremlin at thirteen months:

In light of his recent Sesame Street obsession, I'm thinking it might be time to retire this shirt.
Or not...

November 24, 2009

From Old to Young: Changes

An important announcement, gang:

Starting today, From Old to Young will switch to an infrequently-updated blog. This may come as a sad surprise to all of our loyal readers, but I can't say my lack of frequent posting lately hasn't well prepared you for the "changes" to come. What the blog will look like from here on out is mostly what you've become accustomed to these last few months. I had at one time hoped to keep this thing rolling until Young Old left the coop for his preschool adventures, but at the same time always semi-unconsciously felt that I'd be hard-pressed to continue much past his first birthday, certainly putting in my resignation papers by the time he began toddling around, trailing chaos along behind him.

Not to worry (too much), I'll still be dropping by at least a few times each month to post my favorite photos of the little rugger rodent, along with the occasional video or two. Other than that, I plan to focus on a few non-baby projects that have been brewing about in my cranial cauldron, as well as, continue tossing my sanity into the wind as a stay-at-home-dad.

It's been a wonderful ride, friends. Thanks for reading.

November 18, 2009

Young Old and Mama K in the News...Again

View Mama K and Young Old's 4 seconds of fame here. Scroll ahead to just past the 11-minute marker.

Young Old was caught picking his nose. Like father, like son.

November 16, 2009

Young Old, The Movie v.30

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, here is Young Old doing more of the same, yet with an assurance and confidence that continues to amaze us.

[Astute readers might notice the change in the numbering scheme for videos of Young Old. Writing "Young Old, The Movie XXX" seemed a bit awkward, and I wouldn't want to be attracting the wrong fan base via our friends over at Google. So, yeah, we'll be keeping it G-rated for all of you folks checking the blog at work. -Ed.]

November 15, 2009

Young Old, The Movie XXIX

Having been ran ragged with the reality of Young Old's walking ability, I have only now realized that many of you have yet to see him taking those first few steps. Here's a clip I dredged up from the annals of his toddler history. It makes me realize how far he's developed in the last month or two...he hasn't changed much physically, but his skill set has expanded exponentially. Going back and watching this video is like viewing his twin brother who was repeatedly dropped on his head. Yeah, the one we keep in the basement, and who won't be getting his own blog anytime soon.


November 4, 2009

Young Old, Year One

The moment you've all been waiting for...for almost three months, that is.

Despite being burdened with parents like us and defying all expectations, Young Old has slogged on through and completed his first year of life.

The big ONE. Major accomplishment, bud. Henceforth, we declare this year as 1 A.B. (After Birth...wait, that's just wrong).

Party time...



Man, Young Old turns one, and he's already scooping in more honeys than his old man ever did. Just stay strapped with the diaper, yo.

Young Old's been pestering us for a pony for the past six months, so hats off to you, Great Aunt Betty Lou, and Cousin Doug, too.

Since Young Old had no clue as to what the fuss was all about, we took it upon ourselves to provide the excited faces. Auntie Nico getting the party started.

Auntie Ali keeps it rolling...Young Old begins to feel the vibe.

Papa Old's excitement seals the deal. Young Old officially lets his hair down...or up.

"Not sure why I'm being showered with gifts, but today is freaking awesome." By the way, that monkey toy is totally flipping the bird. Bad monkey.

Neighbor Lois and Young Old puzzling over where to best extract the milk. Buddy, I'm pretty sure you won't have any luck with that trach tube.

Uncle Green and Aunt Vicious spreading the birthday cheer.

This dog-car was a pretty cool gift, but also confusion inducing. Whenever he plays with it, he makes repeated barking sounds. How do you explain to your one-year-old that the vehicle isn't a canine? I'm just hoping his madness doesn't spread to making vroooom sounds whenever a dog waltzes by.

The always glowing Mama K, carrot cake-maker extraordinaire. Bravo, dear.

The moment of truth. Young Old - 1, Fire - 0.

Having his cake and eating it, too. This was Young Old's first time experimenting with the pure form of the drug we all know and can't resist, that hated bastard named Sugar.

...which is apparently a gateway drug, as he quickly moved on to booze. Thanks for being an excellent role model, Uncle Bobbito.

With the party dying down (and at close to midnight, Young Old's sugar high only now beginning to subside), Young Old took the opportunity to thank everyone for showing up by performing a simply inspired version of "With a Little Help from My Friends"...
Thanks to all who came. Hope you had a good time, folks.