January 25, 2010

Young Old, Lunar Cycle No. 15

Shoooot, almost forgot about these. Will get ch'all caught up soon. Scout's honor.
Our terrifying midget at fifteen months:

January 21, 2010

Wu-Banger Books

He drove his ATV (thanks, Auntie Seren!) as close as possible to the speakers, so as to get maximum ear damage from the Wu-Tang Clan while pouring over his favorite book.

That's my boy.

January 20, 2010

I'm Tired So You Get Pictures, Vol. 32

Young Old truly enjoying the world's biggest apple, given to him by the good folks at the Oasis Project, a local traveling farmers market that hung out near our home this last fall. We went every weekend, and the farmers gradually fell in love with him, earning him a spot on their website.

Young Old loves bath time so much, sometimes he simply can't be bothered with getting undressed for the occasion.

Aunt Chabecita, who traveled all the way to Portland from Chile, ended up spending most of her week here reading to Young Old. He'll appreciate it one day, I'm sure.

Young Old played the part of the tour guide, dragging Aunt Chabecita all over town to show off his favorite sites. For some reason, we spent a lot of time in bars. Might be time for a talk, my boy.

Go Blazers.

I can't thank the Trailblazers organization enough. Their baby-containment devices are ingenious.

The obligatory Multnomah Falls flick. Aunt Chabecita was obviously impressed. Young Old, after his 4,920th visit, was not.

Our adorable little toy glutton at work.

January 17, 2010

The Adventures of Captain Awesome

Hear ye, hear ye, my tale-starved brethren. For you must bear witness to the danger-laden adventures of the man, the myth, Caaaaptaaaaain Aweeeeesoooooome.

Fearlessly, he did dodge into traffic, free of the bonds imposed upon him by his Auntie Ali.

With great strength and vigor did Captain Awesome attempt to bury his father beneath the burning sands blanketing the coast of Oregon.

[Insert adorable snapshot of Mama K and the Boy at the beach here, which, sadly, our hateful computer maliciously decided to single out and destroy. -Ed.]

Ravenous wasps of doom failed to strike terror into the iron heart of our intrepid adventurer.

Captain Awesome, creeper peeper extraordinaire.

Woe to the beasts that roam the land. Beware ye of the mighty blows that do rain from The Captain's fists, for he will smite ye with little provocation.

Still, Captain Awesome is but a man, and thusly, requires sustenance to fuel his engines of discovery and might. Ice cream, as always, does fit the bill.

Satiated by the day's accomplishments and advancements, our hero did settle down with an ancient friend, hoping to soothe his racing imagination, which already prepared for the morrow's exploits and endeavors.

And so another episode ends, good readers. Fear not, though, for Caaaaaptaaaaaain Aweeeeesooooome shall return!

January 9, 2010

Shoot the Cute

In a rare moment of photogenic temperament, Young Old graced me with the following stills, leaving me to choose between perfection and perfection. It couldn't be done, so here's the whole photo shoot.

I'm with you, parents like me are gag-inducing. But no apologies for the syrup. Imma keep it pouring.

January 8, 2010

I'm Tired So You Get Pictures, Vol. 31

Truly, I swear the blog is not yet dead. Blame the holidays, folks.


Young Old, esta disfrutando el Grito del Delores con Mama K, Jennifer y Taylor. !Viva Mexico!

Blackmail #192.

"What do we want? Milk! When do we want it? Now!" Young Old obviously agrees.

The grand artist at work. Let's just hope there are no severed ears on the horizon.

Aunt Liza holding a wedding-weary Young Old (his eighth of the year!). Congrats, Auntie Megan, it was ab fab.

This kid's capacity to chill is much appreciated.

"Hey Dad, can we snap a photo of me at the top of the slide, like I'm about to head on down, despite the fact that there's no way in hell I'll actually follow through?" Sure, son.

I'd make some sort of inappropriate Barney joke here, but I'm still reeling from the trauma of my own childhood exposure.