February 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Visit to GrandPops'

Young Old and GrandPops spent most of the weekend bonding aboard a lawnmower tractor. I think John Deere owes us some money for this one.

Watch for the look of pure joy near the end. Priceless.

Bad picture, but the only one taken of Young Old presiding over his second Thanksgiving feast. Let's just pretend that his eyes are drooping out of sheer anticipation for the inevitable tryptophan overload.

Post-feast entertainment provided by Young Old, performing his hit song, "Don't Clap While I'm Clapping, Michael and GrandPops".

Mama K getting all artsy-fartsy. Columbia Sportswear owes us money for this one, too, I'd imagine.

The "boy" archetype, if I've ever seen one. Unidentifiable slimy brown object in hand? Check. Unidentifiable slimy brown substance smeared on face? Check.

Learning the Way of the Pyro with Professor GrandPops.

Young Old enjoying some time at the beach in Northern Cali with Mama K. The two of them are easily the most beautiful scenery for hundreds of miles, forcing the redwoods into a distant second place.

Young Astronaut taking small steps on the moon.

Good visit, Pops. Sorry it took so long to post these...

February 26, 2010

Young Old Tricks for Treats

Wait, that doesn't sound right...

This Halloween, Young Old decided to go as an aristocrat. Boy, he's sure got his finger on the economic pulse of our nation. Those pretzels are probably coated in edible gold foil.

With the mustache in place, the transformation was complete, and Young Moneybags was ready to hit the town for free candy, despite having a personal net worth of over $8.34 billion. Typical.

"Oooooh, Daddy, please get this pooooor person away from me. She's wrinkling my Armani silk wool."

Speaking of tricks, Mama K dressed up like a dead 82nd St. hooker. Portland reference. We joke, because we live it.

Papa Old repped his Sabotage gear, Beastie Boys-style.

Grandpa Alaska decided against dressing up.

One day, he'll hate us, I'm sure of it.

"I knew I should have brought my man-servant to knock on these peasant's doors. Egad, I'd hate to get their poor all over my hands."

"What, no caviar-studded peanut butter cups? No truffle essence chocolate slivers? No squid ink licorice? I doth protest, this is too much to bear."

February 25, 2010

I'm Tired So You Get Pictures, Vol. 33

I'm having difficulty recognizing my own son in these photos, they're that old. Ah, such is the life...

Young Old has been incessantly pestering us for a ride on the Portland Aerial Tram. Seeing as we're fairly broke, we were certainly grateful when his Aunt T came through with a bit of improvisation.

Young Old's typical socialization ritual. His Aunt Luci rolls in to town, bearing friends, and he's off in his own world pumping air into invisible bike tires.

Like I said, his own world.

This "joke" managed to crack him up for months. It was pretty hilarious until he came down with a nasty case of Athlete's Foot on his little paws. The memory of Tinactin is still strong in our noses.

Talk about some "baby blues." Those eyes are already making women around the world swoon.

Grandpa Alaska spent the greater part of a visit teaching Young Old how to attach a halibut hook to a ganion. Several Frisco trips to the vet ensued.

Ah, the younger generation. When not setting hooks, Young Old spent his time coaching Grandpa Alaska on the proper way to text. Unfortunately, Grandpa Alaska now thinks it's acceptable to send us emails filled with phrases like "TLK 2 U L8R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wonderful.

When Mr. Sandman began knocking on Young Old's eyelids, he took to dropping us the hint that bedtime was rapidly approaching by grabbing his blanket and miming his needs. Adorable.

February 15, 2010

Young Old, The Movie v.34

[This post is mostly a test to see if Blogger videos are working again. Over a month of broken posts damn near took all my motivation away, but good thing I'm a persistant father. Look for a swarm of posts over the next few weeks. -Ed.]

Our very own Famoro Dioubate:

And, yes, I do need to grow up.

February 3, 2010


Sorry, folks.
Blogger has been experiencing some technical hiccups the past few weeks, mostly surrounding the plethora of videos that are "Temporarily Unavailable." They're working on it, and when the issue is resolved, we'll jump right back into things.
Papa Old