April 28, 2009

Pictoral Salvo Round II

As always, for you Mama K:

[I'd say this batch now puts us exactly one month behind. I'm trying, people. -Ed.]


My beautiful family.

Pre-near death choking incident. Always break those toasted oats in half, friends.

"I could do a lot of damage with this, Dad. Can you step out of the room for a few minutes?"

Young Old puzzling over the best method for spit-varnishing this unfinished piece of chewamajig.

Frisco the Cat: "Oh my, prrrrrr. All that water...prrrrrr, the horror. Hairless man-thing, your honorary feline membership has been officially, prrrrrrr, revoked."

Oi! Bollocks to Her Majesty.

Our friend Ali soaking up some Young Old positivity.

Having suffered extreme constipation for a solid week, Young Old took matters into his own hands, resorting to the high pressure water enema. Auntie Ren is still working out the stains.

Auntie Ren, showering the Youngin' with kisses.

Uncle Railroad taking advantage of my absence to transform my son into a total foamer. Look it up...completely cute, but so not cool.

April 27, 2009

Photo Barrage for Mama K

Via Mama K this a.m. : "I really want you to get caught up on the blog [pictures]...i can't show up-to-date photos of him to my friends at work....what can I do to help you get caught up?"

Here you go, love.


Lazy Sunday breakfasts on the back porch have become our modus operandi.

Mama K's been dying to get back into pre-incubation shape and this little babe conveyor is the perfect solution...much cheaper than a gym membership, and I don't have to extend my work day by another hour since she can take the Young One with = nap time for Papa Old.

Young Old tossing back a cold one. He picked up the whole water drinking thing like an instinct.

Our little Monkey Man...he hasn't yet figured out how to suck his thumb, but the big toes are a whole other story. One order of hoof in mouth disease, coming right up.

Mama K, showing off her no-hands sitting talent. By the way, Young Old is a fucking gangster. I swear he's going to walk any day. Everyone keeps telling me he'll be retarded or something if he walks before he crawls, not establishing important neural pathways, blah blah blah...I think he's just preparing to escape our parental prison which is a sign of intelligence if I've ever seen one.

My kind of parenting.

Hey baby, wanna take a spin in my ride? [Good luck, wearing that sweater, dude. -Ed.]


GrandPops and Young Old, who appears ready to get all Sean Penn on the PapaRazzi.

Young Old loves hanging out with GrandPops...especially while he's wearing his Death Metal shirt. Gwar!

April 23, 2009

The Return of Nessa Bug (and Auntie Annie)

Here's your pictures Nessa Bug! Many apologies for the long looooooooong wait. Young Old and the rest of us love you (and your Mama Annie) and hope school is going well. Come again soon...


Quickly becoming fast friends...

Simply precious.

Baby Khan adding to the ranks of his Mongol Horde.

Young Old and his Auntie Annie.

Masters Nessa Bug and Mama K educating their Young apprentice in the Ways of the Suess.

Thanks a lot, Annie. We're still waiting for his ears to settle back into their proper places. I've a feeling he's going to be holding a grudge for this for years to come.

April 22, 2009

I'm Tired So You Get Pictures, Vol. 23

Young Old relaxing Al Bundy-style, the unfortunate result of spending far too much time around Papa Old. To all potential fathers: note the budding potbelly. Don't say you weren't warned.

Lately, no matter where Young Old happens to catch some shut-eye, there's Frisco, watching over him. She's become very protective of him, running to me meowing whenever the Young One is crying in his crib. There's a bond here, people.

Young Old, future freedom fighter. Kalashnikov not pictured.

Very typical of The Boy. We take him out and about to experience something new, such as the Saturday Market here in Portland, and he falls asleep for the duration of the trip. This is probably a good thing during those recent excursions to the strip club and the opium den.

Young Old's new throne, from which he impatiently demands his slaves to feed his face with convalescent home leftovers.

A face only a progenitor could appreciate, and even then, it's a bit of a stretch. For the love of God, why does all baby food have to look like the contents of a baby's colon? Hmmm, maybe there's a business idea here..."Recycled Food Co., From the Colon to the Cup." On second thought, that's just nasty.

Young Old hanging out with his new pal Finn and Finn's Mama Katie.

Mama K walked in from work one day to this scene, the likely result of an exhausting game of peek-a-boo.

April 21, 2009

April 16, 2009

Young Old, The Movie XV

[I'm back in town and ready to get crackin' once more. It's going to be a busy busy weekend with Young Old's Uncle Green getting hitched, so don't expect too much until next week. -Ed.]

Mama K doesn't get enough love on the blog, so here's a tribute to the sheer amount of love shared between her and Young Old. It's a beautiful thing to watch...

April 8, 2009

Young Old Goes Country

[Jesus, I'm behind in posting photos...'bout a month's worth waiting to be shown still. There'll be lots of picture entries over the next week or so until I'm all caught up, and Young Old is looking more, well, current. -Ed.]

Here are a few highlights from Young Old's first trip up to The Country AKA Amboy, Washington, where our dear friends Pork and Country Mike reside in rural relaxation and retirement.


When not scouring the countryside for Bigfoot, we mostly chilled in the dining room exchanging stories, eating great food, and reveling in Young Old's lust for life. Seen here with The Pork.

A typical Country Day, doing nothing but being. In the shadows is Country Mike...or is that Bigfoot? No one knows. Taking up much of the foreground is the greatest dog to ever live, Wimpy the Merovingian AKA the Nasty Dog. Young Old just couldn't peel his eyes away from him, and went all smiles every time The Wimp let out a few howls.

Young Old loungin' with the fellas, shootin' the shit.

Taking Young Old on a Country tour, Merovingian in tow. The little guy was in awe of everything around him, and I'm sure he left for Portland with more than a bit of Country now residing in his heart.
Thanks for the refreshing weekend, guys. Much love.

April 2, 2009

Bonanna and G-Ma Bern Visit

A few pictures from my mother chronicling her most recent visit to Portland with her mother-in-law. It was great seeing you two. Young Old loved all the attention, as these pictures will attest to.


April 1, 2009

I'm Tired So You Get Pictures, Vol. 22

We're still recovering from the events described in yesterday's entry. Feeling much better, but still very much emotionally drained.


All of these photos are courtesy of my mother:

A Young Old oldie, circa Christmas '08. Note his right ear being flattened in the wrong direction, a frequent occurrence which is the likely culprit for his unusually large (but very very cute) dumbo-like protrusions.

Young Old sporting his post-bath curls. Mama K is usually (99.87 % of the time) the one doing the bathing, and it's quickly become an every other day bonding ritual for the two of them.

Not sure if I've ever put up a picture of Young Old with his Uncle Briguy. Maybe this is why? I kid, brother, I only kid...

Baby Khan dreaming of mobilizing the Horde for some good old pillaging and marauding .

Likely the most demonic photo I've ever laid eyes upon.

Parenting is multitasking, straight up.

Young Old and I sharing conversation over coffee and water at the Hollywood Burger Bar.

Growing up in Oregon, Young Old has definitely developed an immunity to the frequent rains that make our neck of the woods famous. At the next well baby visit, I should probably ask if webbed feet are normal for this developmental stage.