October 29, 2009

Young Old, The Movie XXVIII

[Well, scratch that hope for things calming down around here. Had another gang of visitors storm the palace gates, journeyed up to Seattle for a four-day marathon of Auntie Ren wedding prep, ceremony enjoyment, and heavy drinking, then capped it all off with surgically removing Frisco the Cat's right eye ball. Awesome. -Ed.]

First time on the swing, and he doesn't even need our help. The nest feels empty already.

October 21, 2009

October 19, 2009

I'm Tired So You Get Pictures, Vol. 30

Chronicling the waning days of Young Old's first summer...


Young Kenshi polishing his skills with improvised household weapons. Burglars beware.

"Man, when's Mama coming home..." Looks like a page from Where's Waldo.

Young Old & Co. (Papa Old, Uncle Green, Aunt Vicious) cruising the streets of the Stump during the Sunday Parkways event.

Tummy time?

Soaking up rays with GrandPops. Very James Dean look, son.

Mama K and the Young One scoping out the contestants of the Soapbox Derby coasting down the slopes of our very own extinct volcano.

Generational chilling.

Young Old's version of speed reading.

Peach picking with Auntie Ali and Mama K at Sauvie Island Farm.

On behalf of Mama K, many apologies for making you rock the chinstrap. In retrospect... not so cool.

October 14, 2009

Alaskan Adventures Vol.5

[Sorry about the infrequent posting for most of the month. Frisco the Cat has developed herpes in her eye (please, skip the grossly inappropriate bestiality jokes...I've already made them all), requiring a near constant presence at the vet's office and round-the-clock medicinal administrations, both of which are not only extremely annoying, but happen to take up a huge chunk of our time. We're hoping to kick her current issue to the curb soon, so things should be looking up around here. -Ed.]

Wrapping up our Alaskan journey...


Young Old and Young Sage formed the Boardwalk Hooligans, a biker gang that terrorized the civilian population for the greater part of two weeks. This is noteworthy, as Young Old can't actually ride a bike, but nevertheless sent the locals fleeing in terror through his sheer potential for mischief.

Speedin' like a demon on 101 South/...[Sorry, obscure Dre Dog reference. -Ed.]

Cap'n Young sailing the seas aboard the HMS Bathwater. Watch out for that man-eating enema tube, matey. It's the bane of pirates the world around. [That hose acts as the "shower head" for those seeking something above and beyond the typical Alaskan bath experience. -Ed.]

A truly fascinating article on the bloody ethnic violence occurring in Bosnia (the issue was at least a decade old) had us both captivated. Young Old kept pointing at the pictures and mumbling "Meatloaf! Meatloaf!" Before CPS comes a-knockin', I'll fess up...it was a nice peaceful article on the desert dogs of Namibia (or something).

The Boys out back, building a fire to ward off the blackbird-sized mosquitoes. Young Old didn't get a single bite, while Mama K and I slumped home to Portland looking like a pair of hormonal teenagers.

Don't freak out...that blanket appears to be a lot closer to the fire than it actually is.

Grandpa Alaska teaching his Young Grandson how to tool around in the skiff. Me not being much of the boating sort, the little guy is already infinitely more proficient than I am, and took over the controls whenever we needed to get around during our stay.

Thanks, Grandpa A, we had a wonderful time:) See you in a week.

October 8, 2009

Alaskan Adventures Vol.4

More photos of the Young One adventuring in Alaska for your visual enjoyment:


"You guys can't trick me...I know this motor is attached to the world's biggest boat, so let's get rolling."

Playing conductor at Grandpa Alaska's. Please note our feeble attempt at baby-proofing the garbage can.

Young Paratrooper preparing for Operation Market Garden...a few decades too late.

Grandpa Alaska taking his feeding responsibilities very seriously.

Likely the least flattering photo of Young and Old in existence. We hope.

Grandma Alaska, taking a break from her chef duties at The Lodge to get in some Young snuggles.

Birth Control #348...chilled blueberries and aged river otter.

Birth Control #349...pureed salmon-berries and tender, still kicking, grizzly cub.

Young Old sneaks into the pantry, and of all the intriguing foodstuffs, he goes straight for the cat food. A man of good taste, if I may say so. That shit is delicious.

Starting the day right with a cup o' joe. Don't worry, Mom, his is decaf.

October 3, 2009

Alaskan Adventures Vol.3

Alaskan video barrage:

Young Old ate his fair share of wild blueberries...and the accompanying worms.

That's a raven, in case you were wondering. Young Old knew what was going on.

Young Old and Grandma Alaska gettin' down with the yokel locals, singing about Dirty Dick. Don't ask.