June 20, 2010

Potty Time! Excellent!

It's funny, these milestones we choose to place upon pedestals.

Take baby's first real shit.

Well, folks, the moment is here, the plane has arrived.

Drum-roll please...
Nice shot, my man. You've officially graduated from "Wipe my Ass, Daddy" Academy and are now ready for the University of "Wipe your Own Ass."

One of many test runs:

I'm so proud of you, Young Old. More than you'll ever remember...

June 17, 2010

Roll Call

I've got mixed feelings about this. While Big Boy (or Big Boi for those familiar with my musical leanings) is a wonderful nickname, and a self-endowed one at that, I'm still holding out in my heart that he'll adopt Young Old as his own. Time will tell...

June 15, 2010

I'm Tired So You Get Pictures, Vol. 39

A pensive Young Old, waxing philosophical at the local playground. When bringing up the aretaic turn to his fellow 'groundlings, they've taken to tossing bark chunks at him. Get used to it, son; we're surrounded by idiots.

The album cover to Young Old's first rap album, appearing in stores near you sometime in 2026.

Mama K trying out the whole "two kids" idea. Someone, please get that other kid away from her before she's infected. [Just kidding, Lilly-Goat. We love you. -Ed.]

Modeling for The Thinker. Little known fact: Rodin was a time-traveler.

Go 'Blazers. Better luck next year.

Young Old can't hardly wait to attend school. You and me both, buddy.

I've been wrong before, but something is telling me that he's ready for his nap.

Noodles + Book = Best babysitter ever.

Sir Young enjoying a spot of tea with Lord Old. Rice cakes subbing for crumpets.

Lilly-Goat and Young Old getting so fresh and so clean clean.