June 18, 2009

Out of the Office

We're going going back back to Cali Cali [Props to the late Notorious B.I.G. -Ed.] for a couple of weeks to participate in a slew of weddings. I'll attempt to post a few updates during this time, but, as always, no promises. And yes, I realize that I have yet to post a Young Old at 9 months post, despite us being a day away from his 10 month mark. It's very zen, just how comfortable one gets with their being a complete slacker as parenthood settles in.

"See you soon, suckas!"

June 14, 2009

Birth Control Pt. 372

A few weeks back, The Boy was happily assisting his dear Mama K with the dishes, a favorite pastime of his. Little did we know that he had a seriously full load on board...

It was a shitty fall, to say the least. The rolling pressure acted upon his diaper like a hand squeezing a tube of toothpaste.

The toned-down results after a few dozen wipes [Trying to keep things at least somewhat palatable around here. On second thought, maybe palatable isn't quite the right word. -Ed.]:

June 11, 2009

Still Here

It's been a busy few days, so my apologies for not posting as often as I'd like to. Mama K is out cold with the flu, so life has been much more hectic as a result. Mad respect to all of you single parents out there; seriously, I have no idea how you do it.

A nice little family photo to tide y'all over until Mama K recovers:

June 8, 2009

Young Old, The Movie XX

Really, children's toys are absolutely worthless. All Young Old wants to play with is anything and everything that Mama K and Papa Old utilize throughout the day. He regularly turns his nose up at the rattles, board books, wooden blocks, rusty screwdrivers, etc. that we place before him, fixating instead upon our silverware, kitchen appliances, the DVD player, our freebasing equipment, and, of course, the computer:

Not sure this is what is meant by the term "early adopter," but I'm rolling with it. Maybe he'll even be able to take over writing the blog in a few months, as I'm finding less and less time to keep up with things around here, as I'm sure you've lately noticed.

June 3, 2009

Young Old, The Movie XIX

Got lots of videos to share this month. By the way, this is going to suddenly get awkward when I approach "Young Old, The Movie XXX," though admittedly, I'm horrible with Roman numerals, so maybe it's avoidable.


June 1, 2009

Young Old, The Movie XVIII

Young Old has become much more interactive these last few weeks. We spend the entire day simply entertaining one another. Not a bad way to spend one's life, if I must say so.