June 8, 2009

Young Old, The Movie XX

Really, children's toys are absolutely worthless. All Young Old wants to play with is anything and everything that Mama K and Papa Old utilize throughout the day. He regularly turns his nose up at the rattles, board books, wooden blocks, rusty screwdrivers, etc. that we place before him, fixating instead upon our silverware, kitchen appliances, the DVD player, our freebasing equipment, and, of course, the computer:

Not sure this is what is meant by the term "early adopter," but I'm rolling with it. Maybe he'll even be able to take over writing the blog in a few months, as I'm finding less and less time to keep up with things around here, as I'm sure you've lately noticed.


  1. What is his favorite music? Does he dance yet?

  2. I am officially not the worst auntie anymore. Now that school is out for the summer I now have more time for the little bugger! And I finally got caught up on the blog!!!!! Love you guys!!

    Aunt T

  3. He's still a sucker for some Nasir Jones, but lately he's been really digging mid-nineties gangsta rap from The Bay.

    He's got a little body bounce and an awkward head nod down...still a few months off from doing the EPMD-sanctioned Steve Martin, I'd think.

  4. Aunt T...no worries, you're still his favorite Fam.

  5. Well he's on the right track then. No surprise there...

    *thumbs up*